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The microwave auditory effect

James C. Lin

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Review on Advanced Short-Range Multimode Continuous-Wave Radar Architectures for Healthcare Applications

José-María Muñoz-Ferreras, Zhengyu Peng, Roberto Gómez-GarcíaChangzhi Li

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Original Research Paper
A Fractal-RFID Based Sensing Tattoo for the Early Detection of Cracks in Implanted Metal Prostheses

Simone Nappi, Luca Gargale, Federica Naccarata, Pier Paolo Valentini, Gaetano Marrocco.

Manufacturing faults and aging are the main causes for micro-crack generation in implanted prostheses.

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A Systematic Method to Explore Radio-Frequency Non-Thermal Effect on the Growth of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

D. Ye, G. Cutter, T. P. Caldwell, S. W. Harcum, P. Wang.

Radio frequency (RF) non-thermal (NT) bio-effects have been a subject of debate and attracted significant interests due to potential health risks or beneficial applications.

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Original Research Paper
Electromagnetic Characterization of Breast Tissue Phantoms in D-Band Regime

Priyansha Kaurav, Shiban Kishen Koul, Ananjan Basu.

The potential of higher band millimeter waves to characterize different types of breast tissues based on the dielectric contrast between normal and malignant tissues has been reported.

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Classification of Alzheimer’s Disease Using RF Signals and Machine Learning

Imran M. Saied, Tughrul Arslan, Siddharthan Chandran.

Objectives: Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most fastest growing and costly diseases in the world today.

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