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The microwave auditory effect

James C. Lin

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Review on Advanced Short-Range Multimode Continuous-Wave Radar Architectures for Healthcare Applications

José-María Muñoz-Ferreras, Zhengyu Peng, Roberto Gómez-GarcíaChangzhi Li

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Original Research Paper
Microwave-induced Thermoacoustic Imaging of Small Animals Applying Scanning Orthogonal Polarization Excitation

Baosheng Wang, Naping Xiong, Yifei Sun, Lejia Zhang, Chenzhe Li, Jianian Li, Zhicheng Wang, Ziling Chen, Yifeng Zhang, Xiong Wang.

Microwave-induced thermoacoustic tomography (MITAI) has found diversified applications in biomedical related disciplines.

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Original Research Paper
Simultaneous Wireless Power and Data Transfer: Methods to Design Robust Medical Implants for Gastrointestinal Tract

Amir Javan-Khoshkholgh, Aydin Farajidavar.

Implantable medical systems for long-term monitoring of bioelectrical activity of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, known as slow waves,

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Original Research Paper
Enhancement of Remote Vital Sign Monitoring Detection Accuracy Using Multiple-Input Multiple-Output 77 GHz FMCW Radar

Toan Khanh Vodai; Kellen Oleksak; Tsotne Kvelashvili; Farnaz Foroughian; Chandler Bauder; Paul Theilmann; Aly Fathy; Ozlem Kilic.

Remote non-contact monitoring of human vital signs has recently received lots of attention due to the advancement and availability of millimeter wave (mmWave) radars.

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An IMBioC 2020 Special Issue
Skin Phantoms for Microwave Breast Cancer Detection: A Comparative Study

Lena Kranold, Jasmine Boparai, Leonardo Fortaleza, Milica Popovic.

The advancement of microwave radar prototypes for breast cancer detection purposes requires stable tissue-mimicking materials (phantoms)

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