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Cancer Occurrences in Laboratory Rats from Exposure to RF and Microwave Radiation

James C. Lin

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Review on Advanced Short-Range Multimode Continuous-Wave Radar Architectures for Healthcare Applications

José-María Muñoz-Ferreras, Zhengyu Peng, Roberto Gómez-GarcíaChangzhi Li

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IEEE IMBioC 2020 Special Issue
RF Radar Breast Health Monitoring: System Evaluation with Post-Biopsy Marker

Lena Kranold, Milica Popovic.

This work reports on the first systematic experimental study on tissue phantoms that evaluates the efficacy of the radiofrequency (RF)

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IEEE Special Issue 2020
Anthropomorphic Durable Realistic Knee Phantom for Testing Electromagnetic Imaging Systems

Kamel S. Sultan, Beada’a Mohammed, Paul Mills, Amin Abbosh.

A knee phantom with realistic dielectric and anatomical properties has been fabricated using proper molds and equivalent mixtures.

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IEEE Special Issue 2020
A Non-Invasive Flexible Glucose Monitoring Sensor using a Broadband Reject Filter

Moussa Bteich, Jessica Hanna, Joseph Costantine, Rouwaida Kanj, Youssef Tawk, Ali Ramadan, Assaad Eid.

In this paper, a novel, highly accurate, non-invasive glucose-monitoring sensor that is based on a flexible broadband reject filter is presented.

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IEEE 2020 COST Special Issue
Towards the Robust and Effective Design of Hyperthermic Devices: Case Study of Abdominal Rhabdomyosarcoma with 3D Perfusion

Matteo Bruno Bruno Lodi, Giacomo Muntoni, Alessandro Ruggeri, Alessandro Fanti, Giorgio Montisci, Giuseppe Mazzarella.

This work addresses the challenge of deriving a simple effective multiphysic model useful for the design and simulation of hyperthermia devices for high-quality treatment.

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